Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Our hometown community dinner

There is just something about having dinner with 2,500 people, there just is. Buena Vista had their 2nd Annual BV Strong Community Dinner on Main Street last night. Wow...It takes a strong community to pull together in adversity, realize we really have something special here, and then to go on to celebrate. 

This year, I understand that thanks go to so many including the BVSCD Planning Team: Brian Yates, Lisa Yates, Leslie Quilico, Amie Urbine, Brett Wingo, JayMac Davenport, Ross Kontz, Brandon Tattershall, Ritchie Molitor, Chris Gaston, Amber Gaston, Micah Salazar, Cindi Foreman, Mary Chupp.

Several others helped with the details. The meat and rolls were prepared by Frontier Ranch and the BVSD Demon Cafe. The chairs (including some that came from local-Salida and BV rental companies either donated or discounted), and the tables were donated from ALL over the community. 

Many groups came out to help set up, deliver items, serve food, and do the breakdown and clean up INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO the BVHS football and volleyball teams and the cheerleaders, students from The Link School, and many individual students and adults who just showed up to make it happen. The unofficial count was close to 3000 folks in attendance!

Now that’s teamwork…and community…and love. The Lettucehead had the pleasure of hosting two tables and really my ONLY regret is that I didn't get to visit enough. Oh well, there's always NEXT YEAR! And if I know these people, this is a tradition that will live on and on and on.

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